Hot Rock Café Menu


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Hot Rock Café Menu

Healthy Choices

Spinach Salad with Maple Orange vinaigrette-


- Astringent and fruity, sour and sweet,
crunchy and smooth. This salad hits all the notes.



-This refreshing favorite has wheat bulgur, tomatos, cucumber, lemon, garlic
and parsley.



- Come by Friday afternoon or on the weekend for one of our homemade soups. Rotated every weekend they include: Corn Chowder, Cabbage borscht, Thai sweet Potato, Indian Sambar, Carrot Ginger, Cream of Mushroom and Minestrone. Soup is served with baguette, gluten free crackers or a homemade biscuit.



- Our smoothies include fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and good sources of fiber and protein. They were created to balance your blood sugar and give you energy. Try our Haskap smoothie featuring local berries.

Salad Rolls


- Light and fresh with herbs, rice vermicelli and lettuce – who knew gluten free and low calorie could be so delicious? The café offers 3 types of salad rolls-Vegan, Ocean wise Shrimp and Cucumber, and Pork Mango which has local pork from neighboring farms. Served with our homemade Hoisin Almond or Thai Citrus dipping sauce. $7-$14

Korean Rice Rolls and Vegetarian Sushi


- Our Japanese cooks only make these for us on special days and are advertised on our social media. You can also call ahead to see when they will be on the menu. Who can refuse tidbits of zesty beet, spicy yam or smoked tofu? $11 - $18


Banh Mi


-This Vietnamese baguette sandwich has become our most popular item on the menu. Slow cooked roast beef marinated in lemon grass, cilantro and star anise, shredded and topped with a hoisin mayo and zesty daikon, beet and carrot pickles on a ciabatta bun.

Cheese plates


-Nothing says spa day more than sitting at the café table in your robe sipping a pinot grigio and nibbling crackers with brie and pineapple jalapeno jelly. Our plates include rotating favorites from the local cheese shop and bison or elk pepperoni from the local butcher. Don’t skip the peppadew peppers on your plate. These sweet and spicy peppers from South Africa are a taste sensation not just a garnish on the side. $12 - $14

Takhini Black Forest Cake


-This famous cake has been served at Takhini Hot Springs for over 50 years. For those not familiar with this German chocolate cake, it has sour cherries, cherry liqueur and whipped cream. It is like having a cherry schnapps with your cake.

Carrot Cake


- A moist slab cake crammed with healthy stuff-cranberries, carrots, coconut, pineapple -like something mom would make. It is unpretentious and delicious! But don’t take our word for it. Here is a review from a guest this past October.



-Nothing is more refreshing after a hot therapy than an iced dessert to help cool down. Not only does gelato have a lower fat content than ice cream but it is churned slower, giving it a denser, more intense flavor. The gelato and sorbets always have one vegan option.

Try an Affogato. This Italian treat of 2 scoops of vanilla gelato with 2 shots of espresso is a favorite with coffee lovers. We can even add in some Baileys and a biscotti for a decadent dessert.



-Chocolate chip with Belgian milk chocolate sprinkles with a hint of vanilla salt flakes, Mountain a snack of seeds, Coconut oatmeal our version of the classic crispy Dad’s cookie

Quench Your Thirst

Italian sodas


- These drinks are made from soda water and pure fruit syrups. There are also sugar free options. With no sugar, no caffeine and no calories, these sodas are a treat that don’t break your diet. Try our Wild berry Cooler. This berry mocktail is so good you won’t miss the alcohol.

Yukon Brewing Beer


- We serve Bonanza Brown, a 5% brown ale and Grizzly, a 4.6 % unfiltered wheat ale. Come and try the beer the locals like to drink.

Aroma Borealis herbal teas


- These caffeine-free teas include locally foraged plants from the Yukon boreal forest and quality organically grown herbs. Taste some local rose hips, fireweed, Labrador tea or wild chamomile.

Lattes, regular coffee, an assortment of black loose-leaf teas, juice and pop are also available.



- Sake is a delicate Japanese rice wine that pairs perfectly with many of our food items. Served in a 6oz carafe with small cups so you can savour or share, this traditional alcholoic beverage is an experience that brings more of the Japanese influence you will find around the facility.

Plum Wine


- Sweet & delicious, this treat is served in a 2oz glass and transports your tastebuds. Similar to a dessert wine, our Japanese plum wine goes well with our other desserts and Gelato.