Close up of how springs waterfall - F.A.Q.


Do I need to take a shower before I go in? What about my hair and makeup?

- Yes, all of our guests are required to take a full cleansing shower in our on-site showers prior to using any of our amenities. We want to keep our hot springs as natural as possible, therefore, we chlorinate our pools minimally; enough to kill basic bacteria and COVID-19. To ensure we do not have to excessively chlorinate our pools, as you may find in a hotel or public pool, all guests must enter through our shower system. This includes washing your full body, your hair, and all makeup. Soap, shampoo, and lotion are all provided along with makeup wipes and hair dryers. We have unscented and scented options - we are not a scent free facility.

Can I bring my cell phone?

- Cell phones are to be left in your complimentary locker when you enter the facility. We respect people's privacy and those who do not appreciate photos being taken during their visit. The facility is also designed for peak relaxation and, therefore, customers are not permitted to be talking or chatting on their phones while using our services. There are some designated areas, like the Hot Rock Café, where cell phone use is permitted. We are unable to offer wifi internet at this time.

How long can I stay?

The timeslot you book is just the time you will be checking in for your booking. There is currently no time limit for guests. We expect most people will stay an average of 3 hours to make the most of the facility.

Can I bring my children? 

- Eclipse is a facility for adults only, ages 19 and up. Our facility is designed with relaxation & wellness at the forefront of our concept and the pools and amenities are not suitable for youth. Pools at Eclipse are not for swimming, jumping, or playing. All of our pools are specifically made for lounging and to decompress and invigorate using the Hydrotherapy cycle of going from hot to cold. After much research, we have found that the general consensus is that the water in our pools is too hot for young children and babies. A family oriented facility is in the works for the future.

What about if I am pregnant?

 -Bathing in hot springs while pregnant can be polarizing and you may get a different answer depending on who you ask. We recommend you consult your physician about the temperatures as they will have the most up to date data on the effects of hot springs/heat during pregnancy as well as your own personal health details.

What makes your space inclusive?

- We have designed our facility to be welcoming and inclusive to all genders, identities, and orientations. You may notice that it’s mandatory to choose between only two gender options upon booking. While this is a current limitation of our system, we realize this is alienating to some. We are working to address this and to have more gender options available. Our facility was completely built with inclusivity in mind and with comfort and privacy at the forefront of the change room experience. All showers & changing stalls are private. We have three change room options - Men, Women, and Universal. Our universal change room is welcome to any individual that would be more comfortable in a non-gender specific space. We strive to be safe and inclusive for all and we hope that this is reflected in your overall experience at Eclipse.

Are all parts of the facility accessible?

-  Accessibility, like inclusivity, is very important to us. All of our amenities are ground level, except our upstairs relax room. Two of our pools have ramps for entry and can be used for wheelchair or walker users (our water could cause damage to these due to the minerals, unless specifically designed for such use). Two other pools do have small staircases with handrails for entry. We have a larger accessible shower with a stool, multiple accessible bathrooms, and the universal change room. There may be moments when some parts of the facility are inaccessible to some if/when there is construction or building happening on-site. If there is something you may need or that we should know that would help support your visit, please let us know in the ‘special requirements’ section when booking.

Is the water heated?

- No, our pools are all gravity fed by a naturally occurring hot spring. Water exits the source at approximately 46°C and sits in our  pool at around 40°C. The temperature can vary from pool to pool with a range of 38 - 42°C depending on the weather/season. No pumps or heating technology is used to fill our pools with this naturally hot mineralized water. We highly recommend cooling yourself off and taking some time to rest then doing it all again. This is the Hydrotherapy cycle we hope our guests take part in. 

Do you serve alcohol?

- Yes, we serve wine (both red and white) and have a couple of taps for draft beer. Due to our distance from downtown and the dehydrating nature of the hot springs, there is currently a maximum of 1 alcoholic beverage per guest.

What minerals are in the water?

- Our source is naturally full of a number of minerals. Here is a chart showing the make up of our water:

Water minerals














Is bathing nude permitted?

While we recognize nudity and nude bathing is normalized in some spa facilities around the world, we do require our customers to wear clothing made of bathing suit material in the facility. Though quite popular in Europe and other countries, it is not quite normalized here in North America and we want all of our guests to feel at ease and comfortable with their surroundings.