Saunas & Steam Rooms

Sauna Rooms


Warm Sauna 

This is one of our two indoor saunas. This one is perfect for those trying saunas for the first time, or those who are less comfortable with hotter temperatures but who still want to properly experience contrast temperature therapy.

Hot Sauna 

This is the hot sauna and it is designed to be a bit of a heat workout! This sauna may at times be scented, depending on the availability of essential oils from the boreal forest such as pine, juniper, fir, etc.  Combined with the heat, this tradition will leave you feeling revitalized and cleansed, your skin will be soft as everything sweats out! This sauna will seat 6 people comfortably.

Both saunas are located en route to the Aurora Patio and are situated just before the 2 colder and 1 warmer shower. In winter, we provide snow so that you can rub snow onto your body to cool down and enjoy the tingling feeling that the cold provides. The rich wood tones of the saunas are made up of local spruce walls, cedar benches, and ceiling, and they both seat 8 people comfortably. Remember your spa etiquette and shower to rinse your body off and remove all the toxins you have to sweat out!