The Pools

Eclipse Pool

Eclipse from deep end

The Eclipse Pool is our largest pool and the showcase of our facility. Its authentic Japanese design underscores the natural beauty of the landscape while providing all the elements of an optimum hot springs experience. Featuring the soothing sights and sounds of cascading waterfalls, rock-lined pool walls, and a multitude of immersion options, the Eclipse is all about aesthetics and relaxation. Idyllic views of Haeckel Hill and the Ibex Range are enhanced by the pool’s infinity edge, completing the picture for the perfect Nordic hot springs experience.  

Upon entering the pool’s shallow end, bathers are greeted by the main waterfall, then make their way through the choice of options: lay-down areas, recliner boulders, and the traditional Asian-style of sitting directly on the pool floor. In the lying down areas, you can choose the level of immersion by going more shallow or more deep in the water. Or you can find your favourite boulder to lean back on. In the deepest part of the pool, you will find stone benches for seating, some under the porch overhang, providing some shelter from the elements. Soakers can enjoy finding the right spot for optimal relaxation and comfort.  This pool is also ideal for finding conversation corners when soaking with friends and family.

The Eclipse varies in depth up to 30” (75 cm), is with universal access in mind, and comfortably hosts 30 people. It is perfectly complemented by both an outdoor and indoor shower, lower patio with recliners, and upper patio with food service. We are already planning for an oudoor cold plunge and Japanese clay hot tubs near this pool. In winter, don't forget to head to the Eclipse to freeze your hair if you want to enter our famous annual Hair Freezing Contest!



Onsen Pool 

onsen pool closeup

The Onsen Pool is our smallest and most sheltered pool. Entirely lined with rock, this Japanese-style pool is fed by a cascading waterfall and overflows into a small creek. It overlooks natural tiered rock landscaping and our lovely Sanctuary Bare-Foot Walk. A modified version of the traditional Japanese Onsen, this pool provides seating on stone benches rather than directly on the pool floor. The Onsen will comfortably seat up to ten people and due to this size, it is an optimal conversational circle. Like all our pools, with the right conditions, it is a great place to view the northern lights in winter.




Aurora Pool 

Sculpture 2

As the centre-piece of our expansive, boulder-lined Aurora Patio, the Aurora Pool is perfectly placed to give you a panoramic view of the area.  While all of our hot springs pools are entered via a heated hallway, the Aurora Pool is unique in that it is accessed through a heated and covered ramp within our heated hall. The addition of this covered/heated ramp allows excellent access for all bathers, including individuals in wheelchairs, year-round -- even at -50C temperatures!

The Aurora Pool’s simple “V” shape design creates maximal space and choice for seating. Benches are placed to face one another on the two wings of the “V,” allowing bathers to select the ideal socializing or viewing location for their soaking experience. The contoured benches even have lumbar support built into their design!

Surrounded by the Aurora Patio, your Aurora Pool experience can be complemented by a range of spring, summer and fall activities: outdoor showers, multiple loungers, a cold plunge, Japanese Clay Hot Tubs, a rustic fire bowl seating area, and several Barefoot Walks (including a walk to the hot springs source, to the pond, to the Sanctuary, and to a forested area. The Aurora Patio is definitely a place you will want to check out while partaking in the hot, cold and relax activities during the 8 months or so it is open. In winter, we set up a temporary fence to shield you from the biting winds of the North and this means that while soaking in the Aurora Pool, you can experience +40C water up to your chest and temperatures as low as -50C above your chest line. Totally unique! Don't worry, we provide you with a toque.



photo of a japanese clay tub full of water


Our clay “hot pots” or tubs are handmade in Japan and the clay comes from the famous Shigaraki area. We have up to eight hot pots in two sizes and four different colours available, and you will find them near the hot pools on either of our patios.

The tubs feature a continuous flow of warm water emanating from a clay faucet fed by natural pressure from our hot springs. As a “cool down” tub, they are designed to create a relaxing experience at a lower temperature than our hot pools.

Hot pots offer an excellent way to experience the natural mineral water without having to share water space. However, if you do want to share, please note that the larger tubs will hold two people.

Clay tubs are available in the summertime only.