Relax Rooms

relax room in pink


Cold Showers are currently available! Cold Plunge Pools will be available soon!


Hibernation & Meditation: The main floor of the relax centre

Situated on the ground floor, these rooms feature 9 beautiful, tile-covered lounge chairs, heated with hot water lines to provide you with soothing relief to any sore spots that are in contact with the heated tiles. Lay your towel over a chair and stretch out for a uniquely relaxing experience. As a “no-talking” zone, this relax room is meant to encourage deep rest (and perhaps even a nap!) in an undisturbed environment. Choose one of our seven single chairs or, if you are a couple who wants to rest together, one of our two double chairs. We also feature 2 "double beds", a hamam-style feature that allows you to lay flat on the large and heated ceramic tiles. All of these heated surfaces are designed to provide relief to any aches or pains you may be experiencing before your visit.  

Also featured on this floor is a bright, window-lined sunroom for sunbathing in winter or summer. Here you relax in a sunny, heated and humidity-filled environment, allowing you to close your eyes, listen to the soothing music, and imagine you are in your favourite sun-filled location. If it's not sunny outside, you may have to content yourself with an imaginary visit to a deep tropical forest. 

Inspiration & Illumination: The upper floor of the relax centre

This is the top floor of our Relax Centre and is the highest point in the whole facility. This floor also features a sunroom and offers the best views. This floor allows for conversation and may feature daily yoga classes before the pools open in the morning. 


Cold Plunges & Showers

Cold plunges and cold showers are a corner stone of any Nordic Spa and hold an important role when practicing contrast temperature hydrotherapy. The cold plunges and showers are to be used in between use of the pools, sauna, and steam rooms to quickly cool down your body. There are cold plunges and/or showers on both sides of the facility. The outdoor showers are closed during the winter.

Fire Bowl



Firebowls - Available Soon!

Come and sit around the fire! We find people sitting with their robes on and enjoying the fire right down to temperatures of -5C or so. It's a great way to cool down and spend some quality relax time.

In summer, ask if we have the firebowl burning down in the Club Mud area, where you can sit around the fire and let the mud dry on your body from the heat of the fire. Once the mud is dry, rinse it all off in our comfortable hot springs shower, featuring warm mineralized water directly from the ground under natural pressure.

Please note that fires may not be available on windy days and will be closed during the winter months.