Yoga Classes

Vinyasa Flow Yoga - Soma Yoga - Hatha Yoga

Check in with your body at one of our morning yoga classes in the Inspiration Multi-Purpose Room. Yoga will be available beginning February 20th and will take place most days of the week. Classes will be from 10:15AM to 11:30AM. Yoga mats are provided.
Booking options that include yoga classes alone and yoga and entrance to Eclipse are available.
Membership holders can choose the "class only" option as their membership pass allows for regular Eclipse access. 

Each class must have at least 6 participants signed up by 6pm the night before and can hold a maximum of 16. If a scheduled class does not get the required number of bookings, it will be cancelled. Those who signed up for a yoga class only will be refunded. Those who booked yoga and access to Eclipse will have the yoga refunded only so they can still access the facility for the discounted price. Guests will be notified of yoga cancellations by email.

For a calendar outlining who is teaching on which day - click here

*Note there will be some inconsistency in scheduling and availability of classes. Yoga instructors and types of Yoga will not be consistent week to week.  Check the booking calendar for which classes and Instructors are scheduled for that day. *


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